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  • Sleep Recovery in sport
    Sleep Recovery in sport "Adopt a sleep best practice approach by using proven, practical & achievable techniques for a more consistent personal best performance both mentally and physically" Read More
  • Sex, Partners and the modern family.
    Sex, Partners and the modern family. "From athletes to office workers, we all experience the high demands of sex, partners and the modern family. Do you or don't you have sex the night before a huge game? How do I stop my teenager scrolling in the early hours of the morning?" Read More
  • Our Favourite Bio Hacks!
    Our Favourite Bio Hacks! "Here at sport sleep coach we love our marginal gains, and we believe this can be done with simple hacks that everybody can do. Here are some of our favourite tips to help promote your sleep and recovery." Read More
  • The Drugs Don't work.
    The Drugs Don't work. "The dangers of misusing sleep aids are significant, with emergency room visits increasing because of the involvement of zolpidem, a hypnotic (a drug that works on the nervous system to induce sleep.)" Read More
  • Understanding Sleep.
    Understanding Sleep. "Everybody in today’s world have been fed a misconception about how much sleep we really need. I ask my athletes how much sleep they aim to get each night and everybody automatically, with no thought about it, say 8 hours." Read More
  • Seven Tips For Sleeping Better
    Seven Tips For Sleeping Better "We often grab a cup of tea or a glass of warm milk to help us fall asleep, but Nick says that our quality of sleep is determined long before we put on our pyjamas" Read More
  • How to prepare the night before a game.
    How to prepare the night before a game. "Athletes cope with more than the regular demands of modern sport. Like the rest of the population, they deal with significant changes in personal, social and family lifestyles, all increasing their levels of stress, anxiety and sleep anxiety" Read More
  • Alcohol and Sleep.
    Alcohol and Sleep. "A new study shows that alcohol does not improve sleep quality. According to the research, alcohol does allow healthier people to fall asleep easier and quicker, but it does reduce rapid eye movement" Read More