Can’t sleep? Coaching your chronotype with Nick Littlehales

6th December 2019

If you find you regularly can’t sleep then perhaps this discussion with sleep coach and author, Nick Littlehales will open your eyes to potential solutions.

Episode content:
Following a fascinating review of Nick’s journey, somewhat ahead of the curve, into the field of sleep coaching, we discuss in detail the importance of chronotype on our daily routine and preferences. There is plenty to enjoy and learn in this down to earth and easy listening discussion. Key subjects include:

1.43: Nick’s early motivation to work within the field of sleep coaching for athletes
8.43: Modern science has revealed a large amount of definitive data about sleep and health
10.06: The background to the book SLEEP and the subsequent rise in popularity
14.02: The importance of sleep within modern-day sporting performance
18.20: Standard sleeping conditions in modern high-level athletic accommodation
21.58: What is chronotype?
29.18: Managing individual variation in chronotype within team sport environments
40.18: In relation to the time of day does chronotype influence the level of athletic performance?