Sleeping to rehabilitate and rejuvenate, both mentally and physically, is our natural everyday recovery tool. Yet, even today, it's still taken for granted. Change your approach to sleep and recovery with our coaching services, based on the revolutionary R90 Technique. You will see improvements in not only your sleep and recovery but your mood and motivation as well.

The FREE Sleep Profiler is a great place to start, followed by our Personal Sleep Coaching. Get in touch for more information on any of our services.

  • R90 FREE Sleep Profiler

    R90 FREE Sleep Profiler

    Completing this unique FREE Sleep Profiler focused on the revolutionary R90 Technique is a great first step in redefining your current sleep recovery approach. 5 minutes, 24 questions and you'll receive a personal evaluation score within 48 hours.

    We've subsidised the cost, so you can get started immediately. With each R90 Sleep Profiler being responded to individually, we greatly appreciate your patience in awaiting a response.

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  • R90 Personal Sleep Coaching

    R90 Personal Sleep Coaching

    Redefine your recovery with a personal coaching session with Nick Littlehales, the world renowned Elite Sport Sleep Coach. Nick will make a full assessment of your current sleep and recovery approach to provide you with practical and achievable techniques to become a more confident, successful, healthier and happier you.

     Was £95 now £45 saving you over 50%! 

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  • R90 Elite Recovery Coaching

    R90 Elite Recovery Coaching

    Elite Recovery Coaching is for individuals wishing to take their recovery to the next level for improved performance. This service includes an in-depth profile assessment, 2 consultation calls, 30 days access to Nick Littlehales and a unique programme leading you to become your own personal sleep coach for the future, ideal for athletes wanting to perform at their best. Elite Coaching will change your approach to sleep and recovery to see improvements in mood, motivation and performance. 

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  • R90 Group Coaching

    R90 Group Coaching

    R90 Group Coaching has been designed by Nick Littlehales, after 22 years working in elite sport, specifically focused on engaging any group to redefine their knowledge and awareness of sleep, to improve performance.

    Group Coaching is available for sports teams or businesses and involves up to two 60 minute workshops, with unlimited attendance, facility assessment, informal conversations with all members of staff, athletes and players, three on the day one-to-one consultation opportunities, a workshop follow-up report and a unique group discount code to access all of our consultancy and product services.

    This service is available internationally, please get in touch for more information.

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