“This is a tremendously exciting development in the world of sport and one I wholeheartedly support. [Sport Sleep Coach] provides leading professionals in the world of sport, including Manchester United Football Club with a better understanding of this natural physical and mental process, enabling players to maximise the quality and consistency of sleep and in turn overall performance." 

Sir Alex Ferguson CBE, Former Manager at Manchester United Football Club (1986 – 2013)

R90 Coaching is designed with Elite Performance at its core. As an athlete, you'll be focused on ensuring you get the correct physical and nutritional training, however often overlooked, is recovery as a performance factor. Sleeping to rehabilitate and rejuvenate, both mentally and physically, is our natural everyday recovery tool. Yet, even today, it's still taken for granted.

Addiction to caffeine, sleeping pills and unlawful performance enhancers has created controversy in sport. Occupational demands, frantic lifestyles, and pressure dominated by the psychological threat of whilst you're resting, someone else is training to beat you, push us towards burning out, tempt us to injure ourselves rather than listen to our body and cause performance to be depleted. 

Our ability to sleep and unlock the full recovery benefits is dominated by 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators, all linking together in Pre, During and Post sleep. Rediscovering harmony with your internal clock, educating yourself and most importantly, relieving the stress we put on sleep, will ultimately redefine what you think you know, and open your eyes, to what you've been too busy training to even consider.

  • R90 Sleep Assessment

    R90 Sleep Assessment

    A quick start, first step assessment of your current sleep approach, focused on 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators. Out of 3,000 completed questionnaires, only 7.5% of people believed they slept as well as they could and 78.5% experienced disrupted sleep during the night.

    Answer the 24, yes or no, questions as a first step in redefining your approach to sleep. You'll receive a score, along with practical and approachable advice on how to maximise your recovery potential.

    We've subsidised the cost, so you can get started immediately. With each R90 Sleep Assessment being responded to individually, we greatly appreciate your patience in awaiting a response.

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  • R90 Personal Profiler

    R90 Personal Profiler

    Tailored, individual and created for you, according to your lifestyle and needs. You'll be assigned a Coach, who will personally evaluate your responses to questions and provide a in depth report for you to keep.

    Too many athletes are addicted to caffeine, sleeping pills and other enhancers. The R90 Personal Profiler will redefine your approach to recovery and help you maximise your performance. Proven and trusted by elite performers both in sport and business.

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  • R90 Elite Consultation

    R90 Elite Consultation

    Our world renowned one to one consultation with our leading Sport Sleep Coaches. For Elite performers by design, both in sport and business, you'll have 30 days of access to our professional team and a unique program structured to suit you.

    Uncover the Key Sleep Recovery Indicators [KSRI’s] using profiling techniques focused on the aggregation of marginal gains principle. Over a 30 day period you'll become your own personal recovery coach, redefining current routines and adopting proven practical interventions and achievable techniques, used and trusted by elite athletes, teams and organisations around the world.

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  • R90 Team Workshop

    R90 Team Workshop

    Designed and presented by a leading elite sport sleep coach, in an informal, interactive and dynamic format, delivering new techniques, practical solutions and achievable interventions. Workshops are available to all sports at all levels, can be held at a time and place that is convenient to you, your team or group. Flexible in its approach and objectives, because the demands in each sport, athlete and player are different.

    We also welcome corporate, health, well-being and educational organisations and all international enquires.

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