Elite Consulation

Our world renowned one to one consultation with our leading Sport Sleep Coaches. For Elite performers by design, both in sport and business, you'll have 30 days of access to our professional team and a unique program structured to suit you.

Uncover the Key Sleep Recovery Indicators [KSRI’s] using profiling techniques focused on the aggregation of marginal gains principle. Over a 30 day period you'll become your own personal recovery coach, redefining current routines and adopting proven practical interventions and achievable techniques, used and trusted by elite athletes, teams and organisations around the world.

  • Welcome Call

    Step 1

    Welcome Call

    An initial conversation to learn about you and your lifestyle and introduce you to your personal Elite Sport Sleep Coach.

  • Complete KSRI Questionnaire

    Step 2

    Complete KSRI Questionnaire

    We'll send you a KSRI (Key Sleep Recovery Indicator) Questionnaire which assesses your current routine, in and out of your sport or occupation, your Chronotype, physical profile and sleeping environment.

    Study the questions, involve any regular sleeping partners, and then over a 7 day period, complete and record your real time sleep and recovery experiences. Using picture & video, provide us with a visual record of any current sleeping environments and products, being used to sleep on, home and away.

  • Your Consultation

    Step 3

    Your Consultation

    On receipt of your KSRI Questionnaire, your coach will personally assess all information and arrange Skype call. 

    During this call you'll be coached on techniques to improve your current approach and any obstacles between you and quality sleep will be identified, investigated and addressed. An approachable and practical structure will be implemented to translate what you have learned in to your training and/or daily life.  

  • 30 Day Coaching Access

    Step 4

    30 Day Coaching Access

    You will receive a review call and have full access to let your coach know how you are getting on, get further advice and fine tune the program. You will have raised your sleep knowledge and awareness, redefined your approach, feel in control, stopped taking sleep for granted, experiencing higher more consistent levels of mental & physical recovery and overall performance.


A message from the Sleep Coach

"Maximising the full recovery benefits mentally and physically during the nocturnal sleep period requires a balanced harmony between your personal lifestyle activities, routines and the natural cycles of the circadian clock. Sleeping to rehabilitate and rejuvenate is the natural recovery tool, dominated by patterns, rhythms, routines, cycles, stages and timings."

Client reviews

  • Tommy Craddock Footballer, Portsmouth FC, Striker

    “My approach to sleeping has literally been transformed after finding sportsleepcoach.com[...] I have never slept or felt physically better since getting my new R90 mattress, at home SleepKit and new sleep routine ”

  • Helen Wyman European Cyclo Cross Champion

    “Nick has revolutionised my recovery process through practical and tailored professional advice.”

  • Ryan Fell Peak Performance Specialist | Genetic Performance and Injury Recovery Specialist

    "Through utilizing the R90 leep program I was able to take back control of my life, performance, and my sleep habits. I was able to do this while raising a newborn, working full-time, and starting a side-business. The practical and flexible approach to rest and recovery allows you to live the life you want without feeling like a prescription. I only recommend products to my clients that I have utilized and validated myself. I recommend [this] to everyone I met."