Personal Sleep Coaching

Redefine your recovery with a personal coaching session with Nick Littlehales, the world renowned Elite Sport Sleep Coach. Nick will make a full assessment of your current sleep and recovery approach to provide you with practical and achievable techniques to become a more confident, successful, healthier and happier you.

 Was £95 now £45 saving you over 50%! 

  • R90 Profile Questionnaire

    Step 1

    R90 Profile Questionnaire

    The first step of Personal Sleep Coaching is to complete the R90 Profile Questionnaire which is focused on your current sleep routines, sleep characteristics, Chronotype and sleeping environment.

  • Questionnaire Assessment

    Step 2

    Questionnaire Assessment

    Once you have submitted your questionnaire, Nick Littlehales will make a full assessment to identify any areas of improvement that are needed. We will then be in touch to arrange your coaching session.

  • Your Personal Coaching

    Step 3

    Your Personal Coaching

    During your Personal Sleep Coaching Nick Littlehales will walk you through all the practical and achievable ways you can improve your current recovery approach. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have or ask for further advice and guidance.

    On average, the coaching session will last between 30-45 minutes.


A message from the Sleep Coach

"I have seen some amazing results from the individuals I have coached. Whether you need help managing your sleep during busy periods of your life, want to improve your performance in sport or simply want to feel refreshed in the mornings, Personal Sleep Coaching can help."

Client reviews

  • Peter Hughes Accounts Manager

    "I have seen great results since completing my sleep coaching! I had always struggled to fall asleep meaning I felt tired in the mornings and struggled at work. Nick has provided me with lots of easy steps to take to be able to fall asleep quicker and amazingly not feel tired in the mornings! The most valuable thing I have learnt is to not worry about if you have one bad nights sleep, simply taking away this stress has made my life so much easier and I am seeing improvements in my work and personal life! Thank you so much Nick!"

  • Ellie Thompson Student

    "I read Nick's book Sleep and thought his sleep coaching would help me with my tennis, as I have to juggle playing with my University studies and often found I didn't have enough time in the day practice, go to lectures, do university work and sleep! I am so happy I decided to have coaching from Nick because I now have a better balance and by incorporating naps into my day I feel more energised and I'm performing better in university and tennis! Would definitely recommend."

  • George Slater Admin Clerk

    "Since becoming a new dad I found getting enough sleep very difficult and began to feel demotivated and unenergised so I got in touch with Nick to see if he could help. After completing my personal sleep coaching I can say that it has made a massive change in how I feel. By making some easy changes I have felt my motivation increase and generally have an improved mood."