Personal Profiler

Tailored, individual and created for you, according to your lifestyle and needs. You'll be assigned a Coach, who will personally evaluate your responses to questions and provide an in depth report for you to keep.

Too many athletes are addicted to caffeine, sleeping pills and other enhancers. The R90 Personal Profiler will redefine your approach to recovery and help you maximise your performance. Proven and trusted by elite performers both in sport and business.

  • Complete Questionnaire

    Step 1

    Complete Questionnaire

    You'll be send a questionnaire which provides us with a detailed assessment of your Key Sleep Recovery Indicators (KSRIs), current routines in and out of your sport or occupation, your sleep characteristics, Chronotype, physical profile, sleeping environment and the products you sleep on and with.

  • Coach Assigned

    Step 2

    Coach Assigned

    Based on what information you have provided, you'll be assigned the best coach for your needs and lifestyle. They'll personally analysis all the information provided and identify any techniques that will improve your current approach in order to increase recovery rates.

  • R90 Personal Profiler

    Step 3

    R90 Personal Profiler

    You'll receive your individual, R90 Personal Profiler, a document containing a review of your current habits, practical and approachable techniques to improve it, and personalised information regarding sleep recovery and how to perform at your best.


A message from the Sleep Coach

"Maximising the full recovery benefits mentally and physically during the nocturnal sleep period requires a balanced harmony between your personal lifestyle activities, routines and the natural cycles of the circadian clock. Sleeping to rehabilitate and rejuvenate is the natural recovery tool, dominated by patterns, rhythms, routines, cycles, stages and timings."

Client reviews

  • Shahzeb Hussain Anon

    "The interview was packed full of information which can be used to help improve my circumstances of getting a better quality sleep. I never felt there was useless information and have implemented a few tips and tricks given by Nick. Would recommend it to anyone."

  • Tom Davies Anon

    "Talking to [Sport Sleep Coach] about my sleep patterns has already helped me feel better on a daily basis. I feel more energised and have some great routines to follow which will help with my tough travel schedule and work load!"

  • Julien Brun Professional Golfer

    "Thanks @sportsleepcoach I look at sleep & recovery with a new vision! Gonna change my daily routine to improve my life & golf!"