Team Workshop

Designed and presented by a leading elite sport sleep coach, in an informal, interactive and dynamic format, delivering new techniques, practical solutions and achievable interventions. Workshops are available to all sports at all levels, can be held at a time and place that is convenient to you, your team or group. Flexible in its approach and objectives, because the demands in each sport, athlete and player are different.

We also welcome corporate, health, well-being and educational organisations and all international enquires.

  • Tailored to every team

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    Tailored to every team

    All workshops are created to the needs of the team and focused on their needs, based on the 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators we coach. We'll contact you to put together a brief and structure a seminar around you.

    We have options dependent on sport or business, scale of coaching desired and whether it is local, national or international. Possibilities are endless with our team coaching, and our innovative team have to created new products, training and presentation methods to particular teams in the past. 

    Get in touch and we'll discuss what we can do.


A message from the Sleep Coach

"Maximising the full recovery benefits mentally and physically during the nocturnal sleep period requires a balanced harmony between your personal lifestyle activities, routines and the natural cycles of the circadian clock. Sleeping to rehabilitate and rejuvenate is the natural recovery tool, dominated by patterns, rhythms, routines, cycles, stages and timings."

Client reviews

  • Philip Burt Lead Physiotherapist, British Cycling

    "Nick Littlehales is an innovative, world-class thinker. He designed the sleep solution for Team Sky's riders - who have now won the Tour de France four times - and British Cycling, who have used his principles of sleep optimization at the last two Olympics to great effect"

  • Sir Dave Brailsford Head of British Cycling

    “The aggregation of marginal gains’, which means if you can improve a tiny amount across 10 different areas, that adds up to a considerable improvement over the opposition. It means pulling apart everything and trying to identify best practice, from the smallest detail on a bike to the pillows cyclists sleep on.”