Group Day Workshop

Designed by Nick Littlehales, after 22 years working in elite sport, specifically focused on engaging any group to redefine their knowledge and awareness of sleep, our natural performance enhancer. Focused on the R90 Technique, Nick presents in an informal and interactive way the proven 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators (KSRIs). Leading organisations in sport and business use this as a first step in improving group personal performance. 

The day workshop involves up to two 60 minute workshops, with unlimited attendance, facility assessment, informal conversations with all members of staff, athletes and players, three on the day one-to-one consultation opportunities, a workshop follow-up report and a unique group discount code to access all of our consultancy and product services.

The group day workshop is the most popular and cost effective way to engage any group and kickstart redefining their approach to mental and physical recovery. 

This service is available internationally, please get in touch for more information.

  • Define Workshop Objectives

    Step 1

    Define Workshop Objectives

    Get in touch via email or preferably call us, to discuss the workshop objectives, the best practice approach and identify possible suitable dates to complete the workshop and payment options.

  • Workshop Preparation

    Step 2

    Workshop Preparation

    Prior to the workshop, compiling details about all attendees eligible for the one-to-one consultations, which may include completing the R90 Profile Questionnaire and ensuring there is access to normal presentation tools, screen and projector to facilitate the powerpoint display. 

    Payment is required in full before the workshop is completed and if cancelled within in 14 days of the agreed workshop date a 25% deposit will be kept.

  • The Workshop

    Step 3

    The Workshop

    During the course of the day a lot of information will be gathered during the workshop and conversations which will be encapsulated in a follow-up report to identify all the positive observations and any areas of concern, including a proposed plan moving forward. 


A message from the Sleep Coach

"Maximising the full recovery benefits mentally and physically during the nocturnal sleep period requires a balanced harmony between your personal lifestyle activities, routines and the natural cycles of the circadian clock. Sleeping to rehabilitate and rejuvenate is the natural recovery tool, dominated by patterns, rhythms, routines, cycles, stages and timings."

Client reviews

  • Philip Burt Lead Physiotherapist, British Cycling

    "Nick Littlehales is an innovative, world-class thinker. He designed the sleep solution for Team Sky's riders - who have now won the Tour de France four times - and British Cycling, who have used his principles of sleep optimization at the last two Olympics to great effect"

  • Sir Dave Brailsford Head of British Cycling

    “The aggregation of marginal gains’, which means if you can improve a tiny amount across 10 different areas, that adds up to a considerable improvement over the opposition. It means pulling apart everything and trying to identify best practice, from the smallest detail on a bike to the pillows cyclists sleep on.”