Creating a Sleep Paradigm Shift

11th September 2018

Recovery courses

HFE, a leading provider of personal trainer courses and fitness qualifications, recently talked to the world-renowned sleep coach himself, Nick Littlehales.

Nick’s CV is second to none and he’s worked with teams and individuals at the very highest levels of sport including Manchester United, Arsenal, Team Sky, British Cycling and Olympic athletes.

He was the perfect candidate for HFE’s Industry Insights series and a lot of time was devoted to what it’s going to take to change our consensus on sleep. Nick had this to say: “We’re so chained to this idea of sleeping monophasically, one continuous block at night and it’s hard to change that way of thinking. However, if you think about sleep, not as this time at night where you’re in the bedroom, but as periods throughout the day and week where you are mentally and physically recovering, then you’re on the right track. I think the first step to changing the popular consensus is happening quite quickly, because that’s how we like things done in this world. There’s great potential that more and more people will get hold of the information we’re talking about today and will want to start employing those ideas tomorrow.”

What’s clear is just how pivotal Nick’s book Sleep – The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps… and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind will be to creating a paradigm shift in the way we sleep and recover. He remained upbeat that this shift will happen sooner rather than later: “If more people read my book and read this interview and really take these ideas on board then things will change pretty quickly. It’s not like going a gym and giving up after three months, it’s not about completely changing your lifestyle, it’s just simply about having that paradigm shift and getting on with it.”

“I know in the background there are these shifts happening, I know of GPs who are giving my book out to patients who suffer with sleeping issues. It really could benefit everyone. My book has been translated into 13 different languages and it seems to be having a real impact all around the world and whether you’re from Romania or China or the US, people seem to be having the exact same response.”

“I wonder how long it will take for these ideas to be ingrained in people. Will we be seeing this in schools from a very early age? We’ve already seen big companies changing how they operate with people working flexitime, looking at how offices are laid out and other things. If you’re asking someone to do a fad diet or something like that, it won’t last, they’ll always be something else around the corner. However, if I can get everyone to read the book and it created that paradigm shift then maybe it’ll all be sorted by the end of the week!”

Nick’s full interview can be read on HFE’s award-winning blog.