Sport Sleep Coach was founded by Nick Littlehales, after many years working within sleep and elite sport, with the aim of providing a simple and achievable technique that any individual can apply to their life for improved sleep. Later named the R90 Technique, this approach has been beneficial in improving not only sleep, but recovery, performance and mood.

The R90 Technique consists of 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators (KSRIs) that contribute to an improved sleep approach. Outlined in Nick’s book Sleep, this revolutionary technique has been helping elite athletes, sports teams, high achievers, businesses and individuals all over the world.

Nick's previous experience working within the mattress industry has also led him to develop the R90 SleepKit, the perfect product combination to compliment the R90 Technique. The SleepKit can be built up, layer by layer, to suit each individual and with a mattress that is personalised to your body type, your perfect sleeping environment is now possible. Travel SleepKits are also available, so you can take your R90 set up with you, wherever you go. Our product experts can advise the correct set up for you, get in touch for a free no obligation consultation.

Sport Sleep Coach 1984


Nick Littlehales begins working for Slumberland as an area rep. Nick is promoted to International Sales and Marketing Director due to his unique approach on elevating the importance of sleep.

Sport Sleep Coach 1995


Created the first UK Sleep Council along with others and was appointed Chairman, with the aim of generating a stronger interest in sleep.

Sport Sleep Coach 1996-1998


Out of curiosity, Nick contacted Manchester United F.C. to ask what they do for sleep and recovery. Alex Ferguson, the manager at the time, explained that they actually did nothing. This led to Nick working with the clubs manager, physios and doctors to create a sleep approach.

Sport Sleep Coach 1998


Nick left his job at Slumberland to pursue his Sleep Coach career full time.

Sport Sleep Coach 2008


British Cycling asked Nick to get involved with their aggregation of marginal gains principle, as sleep was a key factor in this.

Sport Sleep Coach 2016


Nick Littlehales release his debut book, Sleep.

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One third of our lives is spent trying to sleep...

Nick’s fascinating journey to become the world’s leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach and his revolutionary R90 Technique is encapsulated in a book called SLEEP "The Myth of 8 hours the power of Naps and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind". Published by Penguin Random House it has made him an International Best Selling Author with translations into 13 languages world-wide.


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SLEEP - By Nick Littlehales SLEEP - By Nick Littlehales SLEEP - By Nick Littlehales SLEEP - By Nick Littlehales
SLEEP - By Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales wants to redefine the very meaning of the word sleep

Daily Telegraph

Sleep guru Nick Littlehales trains elite athletes to get the best possible rest

Daily Mail

Nick Littlehales has reconfigured the bedrooms of a legion of international sporting stars . . . He has a unique and 'encyclopaedic knowledge'

The Guardian

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