10 April 2019

Choosing foods that help your brain with Max Lugavere

How do we maintain a healthy relationship with food? Is it necessary to count each single calorie we eat in order to get fit? How can we manage our cravings? Is fasting beneficial? Which foods are designed to ruin our willpower?


In this episode, Gunnar Peterson talks with health and science journalist, and New York Times best-selling author of Genius Foods, Max Lugavere. In his obsession with helping people to lead healthier lives, Max also started his own podcast called Genius Life. Gunnar and Max cover a wide range of nutrition topics including fasting, the keto diet, what to ban from your kitchen, and many more issues. In addition, they give five tips for being healthier from your brain to your toes.References heard in the episode: Max Lugavere’s podcast Genius Life The keto diet, a diet that’s high in fat and low in sugar The fasting diet, consisting of alternating periods of fasting and periods of normal eating ESSENTIALS is podcast by BOSS BOTTLED.

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