3 Step Sleep Plan

3 Step Sleep Plan

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This plan is specifically designed as a great first step on your journey of better sleep and redefined recovery. Developed by Elite Sleep Coach, Nick Littlehales, this personalised plan will guide you through the revolutionary process behind transforming your sleep and recovery for increased performance, mood and motivation. Not everyone wants to jump right into to one-to-one sleep coaching, and we get that, so this plan is the first, easy step to take.



Sleep Plan Questionnaire

After purchase you will receive our Sleep Plan Questionnaire, which focuses on your current sleep routines, sleep characteristics, Chronotype, and personal recovery goals. Please email info@sportsleepcoach.co.uk if you do not receive the questionnaire link.


Your Personalised Plan

Your current sleep approach will then be evaluated using your questionnaire, to develop your personalised sleep plan, each plan is unique to the individual. Your plan will include information on the Key Sleep Recovery Indicators, areas of improvement needed based on your goals and 3 achievable next steps to take. You will receive your plan via email within 2 working days of completing the questionnaire.

A message from the Sleep Coach

The 3 Step Sleep Plan is ideal for individuals wanting some guidance on how to improve their sleep and recovery, but aren't ready for one-to-one coaching. The personalised plan you receive will help you improve many aspects in your life such as sleep, recovery, performance, mood and motivation.

Sport Sleep Coach

I completed the 3 Step Sleep Plan after reading Nick's book and I have to say I am super impressed. You get great personalised advice, with steps that are easy to follow and apply to your life. I am already seeing improvements in my mood and energy.

Grant England

This plan has provided me with some great tips and techniques that are helping me with my sleep. Not only has it helped me but I can now share some of my knowledge with my clients. Thank you for this service.

Nick Goulding

I'm so glad I found this plan, it's outlined some simple changes I can make to improve my sleep and it's easy to understand. I'm already seeing results!

Lorraine Kemp

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