Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching is for individuals wishing for better sleep to take their recovery to the next level for improved performance. This service includes an in-depth profile assessment, 2 one-to-one consultation calls, 30 days access to Nick Littlehales and a unique programme leading you to become your own personal sleep coach for the future, ideal for athletes wanting to perform at their best. Sleep Coaching will change your approach to sleep and recovery to see improvements in mood, motivation and performance. 



R90 Recovery Profiler

The first step is to complete the R90 Recovery Profiler which assesses your current routine, in and out of your sport or occupation, your Chronotype, physical profile and sleeping environment. Please email if you do not receive the questionnaire link.

Study the questions, involve any regular sleeping partners and then using picture & video, provide us with a visual record of any current sleeping environments and products, being used to sleep on, home and away.


Your Initial Call

Nick Littlehales will make a full assessment of your profiler and arrange your initial call to discuss and identify all the key areas of your current recovery approach. This gives you a great opportunity to provide further information and ask any questions so that Nick can get complete picture of you and your recovery approach.

Based on this Nick can provide steps to take over 30 days to redefine your mental and physical recovery approach, this may include setting your sleep cycle, completing a mattress check or becoming aware of your Chronotype. 


30 Day Coaching Access

During the 30 days you have full email access to Nick to ask any further questions, share experiences and express anything that may be concerning you, bringing you to the final step of your Sleep Coaching.


Your Review Call

At the end of the 30 day period, your review call will be arranged. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences, discuss what worked and what didn't and identify any other techniques that could be adopted over the next coming months.

Completing your Sleep Coaching will provide you with the tools and techniques to continuously evaluate your recovery approach and make any necessary changes as you go through your life.

A message from the Sleep Coach

Sleep Coaching is perfect for high achievers that want to improve their performance. Through the use of the R90 Technique and marginal gains you will see your mood, motivation, health and performance improve. I highly recommend this coaching service as you will gain techniques that can be used throughout your life to constantly evaluate your sleep and recovery approach, effectively becoming your own sleep coach.

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