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The NEW R90 Dual Layer Mattress 2020

Xtra 25% saving coupon code SLEEP25 and arrives as standard with a FREE R90 Mattress Protector and signed copy of the International best seller SLEEP by Nick Littlehales, to ensure you can optimise your investment and kick start a redefined sleep approach. * Code applies to UK orders only

Developed from over two decades working with elite athletes, coaches and sport science professionals worldwide, the selected materials reveal an ideal sleeping posture. The R90 Mattress is comprised of two unique layers, a 20cm base layer core with a 5cm body sensitive surface layer to suit your medical body profile.

○ World’s first mattress designed for the three main medical body profiles types

○ Designed by Nick Littlehales, Elite Sport Human Recovery Coach since 1998

○ Backed by the proven and trusted R90 Human Recovery Technique

○ Surface Layer 2 can easily be replaced to increase longevity and performance

○ Available in 3 body profiles: Ectomorph | Mesomorph | Endomorph

Coach Tip: Pair with the R90 Clusterfibre Comforter for even higher levels of physical comfort and support.

The dual layers are folded and rolled packed together to help our environmental footprint and allow for easy installation in the room of choice. Available in most common international sizes and bespoke sizes on request.

Size Guide – View our size guide here.

Body Profile

An Ectomorph body profile is a relatively linear shape with a more delicate build, narrow hips & pelvis, long arms and legs. Typically have less fat and muscle mass than a Mesomorph and Endomorph

A Mesomorph body profile is an average body shape and build. The rectangular shapes of mesomorphs are representative of their thick bones and muscles.

An Endomorph body profile is simply a larger body shape and build than an average Mesomorph profile.


R90 Mattress’ come roll packed to increase portability. This also helps decreases the carbon footprint caused by transport vehicles on our roads during the delivery process.

Please note: You may receive your order in up to 3 separate deliveries, dependant on the products ordered. All products are made to order and delivery times are up to 15 working days. If you have any specific delivery requirements please get in touch before placing your order.

Returns Policy

R90 SleepKit products can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of receiving them. Products must be unused and in their original packaging. Products that cannot be put back into their original packaging may be eligible for a partial refund.

Please note the customer must cover the return delivery cost, unless the product is deemed faulty.

6 reviews for R90 Mattress xtra 25% Coupon Code SLEEP25

  1. SportSleepCoach

    Received everything today and it’s just perfect. More than perfect. This is exactly what I have been searching for and very happy that I purchased this. And importantly, thanks for your help during the process. Your communication and support were great.\n- Danny Robinson

  2. SportSleepCoach

    Very happy with products! Just want to say a huge thank you for the past few months and how brilliant you and Nick have both been. Excellent service! We are very grateful! Thank you so much.\n- Katie Stewart

  3. SportSleepCoach

    Since the start of this year, I’ve had one of your mattresses and it’s the comfiest thing I’ve ever slept on! It’s absolutely brilliant!\n- Lucy Lloyd-Roach

  4. SportSleepCoach

    After trialling a Simba and owning a Leesa, the R90 Sleepkit has been a big step for me. In short, the R90 is more comfortable and helps with my sleep. It makes complete sense that a mattress tailored to your body shape and sleeping style would be better and now I can testify to this from direct experience. I learned about the R90 via Nick Littlehales’ terrific TEDxNewcastle talk which I can also recommend!\n- Herb Kim

  5. SportSleepCoach

    The R90 mattress and pillow are the best I have ever slept on yet. Incredible job!\n- Natalie Earp

  6. SportSleepCoach

    We are very happy with our new mattress topper comforter duvet pillow and linen ! Thank you again for top service !\n- Siwart Dokkum

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