10th March 2020

The Importance of Sleep for Athletes

Athletes and coaches are becoming more aware of the fact that sleep deprivation can hinder athletic performance. When asked about the causes of fatigue and tiredness, they both ranked sleep as the most prominent problem.

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5th March 2020

How to Incorporate the R90 Technique into Your Daily Routine

Anyone can apply the R90 Technique into their routine, it is a very easy process that doesn’t have to be the same for everybody, but the starting point always is – outlining your constant wake time.

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2nd March 2020

Sleep Recovery in Sport

Adopt a sleep best practice approach by using proven, practical & achievable techniques for a more consistent personal best performance, both mentally and physically.

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28th February 2020

Sport Relief 2020

This year at Sport Sleep Coach we’ve decided to partner with Sport Relief to raise money through the power of sport. Sport Relief is an amazing charity that fights inequality wherever they find it to create a better, fairer world – free from poverty.

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26th February 2020

The David Hession Podcast – Nick Littlehales

Nick joined David Hession on his podcast and spoke about all aspects of how to apply sleep techniques to real life and how to maximise your sleep.

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28th January 2020

Strive Inspirations: Nick Littlehales

In this episode of Strive Inspirations, Nick talks about moving through life from a teenage caddy to bending the ear of Sir Alex Ferguson.

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6th December 2019

Can’t sleep? Coaching your chronotype with Nick Littlehales

Chronic sleep loss is becoming a problem of epidemic proportions in modern society. Could your genetic chronotype have something to do with your ability, or inability, to get the needed hours of rest and recovery?

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The Sleep Coach Nick Littlehales on the POWER of Naps and Listening to your body!

7th November 2019

The Sleep Coach Nick Littlehales on the POWER of Naps and Listening to your body!

So in this episode I had the pleasure of discussing all things sleep with Nick Littlehales, Nick is a leading elite sport sleep coach to some of the biggest names in the sporting world.

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Daylight Saving Time on Sleep

23rd October 2019

Limit the Effects of Daylight Saving Time and Beat the Winter Blues

Every year, on the last Sunday of October, the clocks go back 1 hour to mark the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST). Although this does mean you can get an extra hour in bed, it can have some negative consequences on your recovery.

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