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James Roberts podcast - Fit Amputee, with Nick Littlehales

James Roberts podcast - Fit Amputee, with Nick Littlehales

Podcast complete with James Roberts, go ahead and check it out!

Fit Amputee powered by James Roberts Fitness. Check out his website here

00:00 Intro
00:19 Who is Nick Littlehales?
12:57 Why is there a myth that we require 8hrs sleep?
19:43 Have hotter countries got it right by having siestas?
24:05 How to get Five 90 mins (approx. 7h30hrs) sleep cycles?
26:38 How do you structure in sleep (a power nap)?
34:47 Why is sleeping on the floor better than having a good mattress to improve your sleep?
47:52 Recovery can be reduced by up 50% by sleeping in an unfamiliar environment 50:19 Techniques to take the pressure off from worrying about getting to sleep
51:50 Coping with Jet Lag
52:58 Measures you can take to make a home away from home
56:30 A mattress should be designed like trainers (sneakers)
1:00:44 Is changing your mattress every 8 years a bit of a myth?
1:05:24 Every year you should think about your recovery
1:13:50 What is the optimal room temperature for sleeping?
1:21:12 Difference between AMers/PMers
1:23:41 How would you summarise this podcast into one sentence?

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