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The Game of Life with David Nurse

The Game of Life with David Nurse

What's the one thing you wish you had more of? Time, right? Or money, that's usually everyone's answer. But what can increase your efficiency of time usage and help you focus on creating your million dollar schemes?? The only answer here is of course - GREAT sleep. Not average sleep, not good sleep, GREAT sleep.

I know we talk about sleep a lot on this podcast, but there is a reason for that - It's extremely important to every aspect and functionality of your life! We had a good friend of mine and one of the top sleep coaches in the world Patrick Bryne on the podcast a couple months ago and this week on the Game of Life we are able to learn and pick the brain from the man who helped Ronaldo become better sleeper, works with Barcelona Soccer Club, and is a world renown sleep coach. Get ready for what Nick Littlehales is bringing! 

Nick goes in depth on:
8 hours is a myth
How he got Ronaldo's thumb print
exactly why natural is better than popping pill after pill for sleep
How to switch your mind completely off before sleep
Why Circadian rhythm is extremely crucial Figure out what type of chronotype are you - morning person or night owl?
The 90 minute secret And why tart cherries could be your new best friend

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