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REDEFINE – PROTECT – REVEAL a more resilient you…  EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH MARCH 2020. This unique and subsidised R90 Recovery Coaching Tool is designed to help anyone, in particular our front line service providers and elite athletes worldwide, during these challenging times ahead. You will be coached by leading elite sport sleep recovery coach Nick Littlehales to become, not only your own personal coach now and for the future, but able to knowledge share with family, friends and colleagues.

Your personal R90 coaching journey includes:

Step 1. Completing on your device the 10/15 minute R90 Kick Start Personal Profiler.

Step 2. Your profile will be assessed by Nick against the 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators known as KSRI’s part of the proven R90 Technique. [Circadian Rhythm – Chronotype – Sleep in Cycles – Pre & Post – Recovery in Balance – Environment – Products & Interventions]

Step 3. You will receive a personal program eBook and 24/7 sleep wake cycle info graph.

Step 4. You will then schedule your 30 minute one-to-one consultation call with Nick Littlehales to identify the key practical and achievable steps you can adopt next day! Not only redefining your current approach but debunking it.


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