Recovery routine for shift workers

6th September 2019

How to Create a Recovery Routine for Shift Workers

When working nights, we effectively have to reset our body clock to work to the new time zone we find ourselves in, just as we would do with jet lag. Think of shift workers and you’re likely to conjure up images of night shifts in a factory, doctors and nurses in a hospital, perhaps even […]

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School of Calisthenics - Maximise RECOVERY with SLEEP expert Nick Littlehales

5th September 2019

School of Calisthenics – Maximise RECOVERY with SLEEP expert Nick Littlehales

This week, we are excited to have ‘sleep expert’ Nick Littlehales from to talk about sleep recovery to help improve our overall health.

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Identify and Manage Your Chronotype

30th August 2019

Identify and Manage Your Chronotype

Chronotypes are a key part of the R90 Technique, identifying your characteristic and learning to manage it can improve many aspects of your life including sleep, recovery, performance and even mood.

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Recovery tips used by elite athletes

23rd August 2019

Improve Your Performance: 4 Recovery Tips Used By Elite Athletes

Over the years at Sport Sleep Coach we have worked with high-level elite athletes who need to consistently perform at their best. This has led us to develop a range of simple, but effective techniques to improve performance in sport or work.

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How to change your chronotype

16th August 2019

From PMer to AMer: How to Change Your Chronotype for Improved Wellbeing.

Recent research has outlined the most effective changes PMers can make to shift their chronotype to be more in line with an AMers, resulting in improved wellbeing. The research focused on extreme PMers, whose natural body clock leads them to go to sleep later and wake up later. The techniques found to be effective included […]

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How to sleep in hot weather

24th July 2019

How to Sleep in Hot Weather: 10 Tips from an Elite Sleep Coach

The current heatwave in the UK will have a lot of us tossing and turning during the night, frustrated at trying to sleep in the high temperatures. We asked our Elite Sport Sleep Coach, Nick Littlehales, for his tips on beating the heat and getting a restful night of recovery.

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Sleep and Recovery Performance

23rd July 2019

Sleep and Athletic Performance

When researchers asked elite athletes about the best recovery modalities, they all rated sleep among the top three most important practices for athletic performance, regardless of gender, age, or sport.

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Don't Take Out Your Phone! - Nick Littlehales: on sleeping like a pro

14th July 2019

Don’t Take Out Your Phone! – Nick Littlehales: on sleeping like a pro

Lewis talks with Nick Littlehlales, an elite sports sleep coach. Nick has worked with the worlds top athletes and teams including Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United teams, British Cycling and loads more over the past 22 years.

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Brian Keane Fitness - Sleep Expert Nick Littlehales

8th July 2019

Brian Keane Fitness – Sleep Expert Nick Littlehales

In today’s episode, we go through everything from the myth of needing 8 consecutive hours of sleep every night to how setting up your sleep environment can maximise recovery and energy throughout the day.

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