How to redefine your approach to sleep

19th January 2019

How To Redefine Your Approach To Sleep – The 10 Step Course with Nick Littlehales

Stop wasting valuable time sleeping without benefits. Learn the unconventional wisdom about sleep, the myth of 8 hours, the power of naps and a new plan to recharge your body and mind with this 10 step course by Nick Littlehales.

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Kickstart your recovery in 2019

2nd January 2019

Kickstart Your 2019

The New Year is always filled with people making their New Years resolutions, and it’s always the same. Most people plan to eat healthier or do more exercise, but one thing that gets overlooked is sleep.

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The unconventional wisdom about sleep

13th November 2018

The unconventional wisdom about sleep

During his TEDxNewcastle talk Nick discusses his work and how he helps some of the world’s biggest stars in international sports achieve the best possible sleep to help them achieve peak performance on the world stage.

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How to avoid jet lag

4th October 2018

How to Avoid Jet Lag

Light can be used before, during and after a long haul flight to reset your body clock and help offset the effects of jet lag.

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Growing up Strong with Sam Joyce

27th September 2018

Growing up Strong with Sam Joyce

A podcast dedicated to the development of young athletes. Some of the things we discuss are sleep quality, the importance of sleep as an athlete, the value of napping and sleep myths.

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Recovery courses

11th September 2018

Creating a Sleep Paradigm Shift

HFE, a leading provider of personal trainer courses and fitness qualifications, recently talked to the world-renowned sleep coach himself, Nick Littlehales.

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Create your own recovery room

15th August 2018

Create Your Own Recovery Room

Discover how your bedroom can become a sleep sanctuary – a mental and physical recovery room – to get the maximum benefit from the R90 program.

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Sleep better

13th August 2018

Sleep Better With OB

The power of a good night’s sleep is untouchable. We know that getting a solid eight hours increases productivity, improves your memory, helps build your immune system and reduces stress.

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How food and drink can affect sleep

1st August 2018

How Food and Drink Affect Your Rest

What we eat has a knock-on effect on the way we sleep, but this does not necessarily mean we have to ban stimulants such as coffee and alcohol from our diets.

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