Sport Relief 2020

28th February 2020

This year at Sport Sleep Coach we’ve decided to partner with Sport Relief to raise money through the power of sport. Sport Relief is an amazing charity that fights inequality wherever they find it to create a better, fairer world – free from poverty. Since 2018 they have helped support an incredible 13m people across the UK and around the world.

Sport Relief support people living incredibly tough lives and work with local organisations who’ve proven that their approach to solving people’s problems work. They improve mental health support, ensure people have a safe place to be, help children to survive and thrive and reduce fear, violence and discrimination.

You can find out more about Sport Relief here.

As part of our Sport Relief campaign we will be donating a percentage of our profits and you can also get a 25% discount off our product store using code SPORTRELIEF

Plus we’ve created a Just Giving page for anyone who would like to donate, you can find it here.