Over the years at Sport Sleep Coach we have built up an impressive clientele, get in touch for information on how we could help your team or business.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson Sir Alex Ferguson Former Manchester United Manager

    "This is a tremendously exciting development in the world of sport and one, I wholeheartedly support. Nick Littlehales provides leading professionals in the world of sport, including Manchester United Football Club with a better understanding of this natural physical and mental process enabling players to maximise the quality and consistency of sleep and in turn overall performance."

  • Philip Burt Philip Burt Lead Physiotherapist, British Cycling

    "Nick Littlehales is an innovative, world-class thinker. He designed the sleep solution for Team Sky's riders - who have now won the Tour de France four times - and British Cycling, who have used his principles of sleep optimisation at the last two Olympics to great effect."

  • Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH)

    Nick Littlehales presented a workshop to LVMH employees on his R90 Technique, to improve workplace performance and motivation.

  • Royal Bank of Scotland Royal Bank of Scotland

    Nick Littlehales presented a workshop for Royal Bank of Scotland employees on recovery and sleep and how it can improve workplace performance, mood and motivation.


    Nick Littlehales worked with BT EE by presenting a workshop for their employees on his R90 Technique.

  • F1 F1

    Nick Littlehales has worked with F1 drivers, providing them with the R90 SleepKit to use at home and whilst travelling. 

  • Manchester City F.C. Manchester City F.C.

    Nick Littlehales has been continuously working with Manchester City, advising them on recovery and sleep products.

  • Chelsea F.C. Chelsea F.C.

    Nick Littlehales has worked with Chelsea F.C., presenting workshops and presentations on the R90 Technique.

  • England Football Team England Football Team

    In 2004, Nick Littlehales worked with the England Squad, providing them with techniques to improve performance. 

  • British Cycling British Cycling

    During his time as a sport sleep coach, Nick Littlehales has worked with British Cycling, providing them with R90 SleepKits. 

  • Liverpool F.C. Liverpool F.C.

    Previously, Nick Littlehales has worked with Liverpool F.C., educating them on his revolutionary R90 Technique.

  • GlaxoSmithKline Breathe Right Event GlaxoSmithKline Breathe Right Event

    In December 2018, Nick Littlehales headed to New York for a Breathe Right event that focused on the importance of nose breathing.  Whilst he was there he received the 2018 Breathe Right Golden Strip Award.

  • Real Madrid CF Real Madrid CF

    Nick Littlehales worked with Real Madrid CF, educating them on his R90 Technique for improved recovery and performance.

  • Norwich City F.C. Norwich City F.C.

    In October 2018, Nick Littlehales worked with Norwich City F.C. Presenting workshops for the players on the importance of sleep and recovery for performance.

  • University of Derby University of Derby

    Nick Littlehales has worked with the University of Derby, providing workshops on his R90 Technique.

  • London 2012 London 2012

    R90 SleepKits were used by athletes competing in the London Olympics 2012.

  • Team Sky Team Sky

    R90 SleepKits were used by cyclists in Team Sky, competing in the Tour de France.

  • Rio 2016 Rio 2016

    In 2016, Nick Littlehales provided R90 SleepKits to athletes competing in the Rio Olympics.

  • Arsenal F.C. Arsenal F.C.

    Nick Littlehales has previously worked with Arsenal F.C., presenting his R90 Technique.

  • TEDxNewcastle TEDxNewcastle

    Nick Littlehales presented his talk, the unconventional wisdom about sleep, at TEDxNewcastle in October 2018. His talk can be viewed here https://bit.ly/2FhmdHW

  • Healthy Hospo Healthy Hospo

    Nick Littlehales has been involved in projects with Healthy Hospo who have been working to build a healthier, happier and more sustainable hospitality industry. 

  • Next Next

    Nick Littlehales has worked with Next for a sleep event and they sell the R90 product range on their website.

  • NatWest NatWest

    Nick Littlehales worked with NatWest to improve employee productivity, using his R90 Technique.

  • The University of Tennessee The University of Tennessee

    Nick Littlehales has worked with surgeons at the University of Tennessee to help them improve their recovery and performance. 

  • Nottingham Trent University Nottingham Trent University

    Nick Littlehales presented a workshop for students of Nottingham Trent University, on sleep and recovery.

  • This Works This Works

    Nick Littlehales has continuously worked with This Works, being involved in many projects with them as their sleep expert.

  • YPO Bermuda YPO Bermuda

    Nick Littlehales travelled to Bermuda in November 2018 to present a workshop for YPO members on improving performance through recovery.

  • English Institute of Sport English Institute of Sport

    Nick Littlehales has worked with the English Institute of Sport many times, advising them on recovery and sleeping products.

  • Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club

    Nick Littlehales has also worked with Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.

  • Elevate Conference Elevate Conference

    Nick Littlehales was a key note speaker at the Elevate Conference 2018, which is the UK's leading trade event for physical activity.

  • Heimtextil Fair Heimtextil Fair

    Nick Littlehales was a key note speaker at Heimtextil Fair 2019 in Germany, the R90 SleepKit was also on display.

  • Euro 2004 Euro 2004

    Nick Littlehales was involved in Euro 2004, providing his expertise on sleep and recovery.

  • Becoming Superhuman Becoming Superhuman

    Nick Littlehales was a part of the Becoming Superhuman live Facebook event that ran for 4 weeks in December 2018.

  • Dave Brailsford Dave Brailsford Head of British Cycling

    "The aggregation of marginal gains’, which means if you can improve a tiny amount across 10 different areas, that adds up to a considerable improvement over the opposition. It means pulling apart everything and trying to identify best practice, from the smallest detail on a bike to the pillows cyclists sleep on."

  • Yorkshire Cricket Club Yorkshire Cricket Club

    Nick Littlehales has previously worked with the Yorkshire Cricket Club players.

  • Chris Idzikowski Chris Idzikowski Leading International Sleep Expert

    "Long term friend and associate Chris Idzikowski is a leading International sleep expert, adviser, author, consultant, renowned media commentator and currently director of the Edinburgh sleep centre. Our Common interest is the pursuit of sleeping excellence."

  • Rob Swire Rob Swire Head Physiotherapist MUFC

    "I have known Nick over many years now, his enthusiasm, experience and knowledge in this field as a leading professional sports sleeping recovery coach, provides expert, practical and achievable advice. His approach is thoroughly professional and I can fully recommend his services."

  • Worcestershire County Cricket Club Worcestershire County Cricket Club

    Nick Littlehales has also worked with Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

  • Helen Wyman Helen Wyman European Cyclo Cross Champion

    "[Sport Sleep Coach] has revolutionised my recovery process through practical and tailored professional advice.”

  • RFL Super League RFL Super League

    Nick Littlehales has worked within the Rugby Football League Super League.

  • Brentford F.C. Brentford F.C.

    Nick Littlehales has worked with Brentford F.C., advising them on recovery techniques and products.

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

    Previously, Nick Littlehales has worked with Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

  • Cardiff City F.C. Cardiff City F.C.

    Nick Littlehales has also worked with Cardiff City F.C., educating the team on his R90 Technique.

  • Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.

    Nick Littlehales presented a workshop to Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.

  • Professional Cricketers' Association Professional Cricketers' Association

    Nick Littlehales has worked with the Professional Cricketers' Association.