We are first and foremost coaches. Everything we do is to produce athletes who are equipped with the knowledge and tools to recover efficiently, leaving what happens when the whistle blows, down to them, in the best version of themselves.

  • Dave Brailsford Dave Brailsford Head of British Cycling

    "The aggregation of marginal gains’, which means if you can improve a tiny amount across 10 different areas, that adds up to a considerable improvement over the opposition. It means pulling apart everything and trying to identify best practice, from the smallest detail on a bike to the pillows cyclists sleep on."

  • Chris Idzikowski Chris Idzikowski Leading International Sleep Expert

    "Long term friend and associate Chris Idzikowski is a leading International sleep expert, adviser, author, consultant, renowned media commentator and currently director of the Edinburgh sleep centre. Our Common interest is the pursuit of sleeping excellence."

  • Rob Swire Rob Swire Head Physiotherapist MUFC

    "I have known Nick over many years now, his enthusiasm, experience and knowledge in this field as a leading professional sports sleeping recovery coach, provides expert, practical and achievable advice. His approach is thoroughly professional and I can fully recommend his services."

  • Tommy Craddock Tommy Craddock Professional Footballer, Portsmouth FC, Striker

    “My approach to sleeping has literally been transformed after finding sportsleepcoach.com [...] I have never slept or felt physically better since getting my new R90 Mattress, at home SleepKit and new sleep routine ”

  • Rob Hayles Rob Hayles Professional Cyclist & TV commentator

    “[Sport Sleep Coach]s expert support will definitely unlock those marginal gains so important in professional sport today.”

  • Helen Wyman Helen Wyman European Cyclo Cross Champion

    "[Sport Sleep Coach] has revolutionised my recovery process through practical and tailored professional advice.”