Founded By Nick Littlehales

Creator of the revolutionary R90 Technique Since 1998


Sleep: we don’t take it for granted – and nor should you.  Quality sleep is necessary for good physical and mental health, as well as dictating our personal and professional performance during our awake time.

Nick Littlehales has been teaching elite-level athletes how to work within their bodies’ natural rhythms to maximise their rest and recovery for more than 20 years. His R90 technique is a fundamental, but easily achievable change to the way athletes approach sleep and has been proven time and time again to bring benefits to their physical and mental performance both on and off the field.

Nick’s R90 method goes much further than just sleep management.  Defining your body type, chronotype and sleep patterns can help you understand the way you approach everything, in every area of your life.

Our aims are to:

  • Maximise your personal best achievements through marginal gains.
  • Improve your performance, both within and outside sport.
  • Achieve higher, more sustainable levels of mental and physical recovery.
  • Educate and empower, using natural recovery methods.

Sleep Coaching

Change your approach to sleep and recovery, and reveal a new you, with our Sport Sleep Coach coaching services, based on Nick’s tried and tested R90 Technique. Improve your sleep and recovery, and discover the benefit of raised mood and motivation too. 

Start by finding out a bit more about yourself. Our free Sleep Profiler is a great place to begin. Get in touch to learn more about which coaching approach best addresses your needs.

But don’t just take our word for it! Nick has worked with elite level athletes and sports professionals worldwide, and his R90 Technique is considered by many top flight coaches to be a game-changing human performance tool.  

  • Redefine Yourself Kick-Start Plan

    Redefine Yourself Kick-Start Plan

    Redefine your sleep and recovery approach to reveal a new you with our Kick-Start Plan! This revolutionary plan, developed by Elite Sleep Coach Nick Littlehales, will take your sleep, recovery and performance to the next level to change your life!

    £5 Learn More
  • R90 Personal Sleep Coaching

    R90 Personal Sleep Coaching

    Redefine your recovery and reveal a new you with a personal sleep coaching session with Nick Littlehales, to become a more confident, successful, healthier and happier you.

    Reduced from £95 to £45 for a limited time only!

    £45 Learn More
  • R90 Elite Recovery Coaching

    R90 Elite Recovery Coaching

    Elite Recovery Coaching is for individuals wishing to take their recovery to the next level for improved performance, ideal for athletes wanting to perform at their best. Elite Coaching will change your approach to sleep and recovery to reveal a new you and improve your mood, motivation and performance. 

    Reduced from £195 to £95 for a limited time only!

    £95 Learn More
  • R90 Group Coaching

    R90 Group Coaching

    R90 Group Coaching has been designed by Nick Littlehales, after 22 years working in elite sport, specifically focused on engaging any group to redefine their knowledge and awareness of sleep, to improve performance.

    £1,440 Learn More

One third of our lives is spent trying to sleep...

Nick’s fascinating journey to become the world’s leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach and his revolutionary R90 Technique is encapsulated in a book called SLEEP “The Myth of 8 hours the power of Naps and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind”. Published by Penguin Random House it has made him an International Best Selling Author with translations into 13 languages world-wide.

The Book
Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps... and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind Cover