Founded By Nick Littlehales

Creator of the revolutionary R90 Technique Since 1998


Sport Sleep Coach is a team of the world’s leading innovators of recovery in elite sport. Founded on over 20 years industry expertise, we provide training to sports men and women on a local and global scale.  

Our aims are to:

  • Educate and empower, through coaching natural recovery methods.
  • Maximize personal best achievements through marginal gains.
  • Unlock higher more sustainable levels of mental and physical recovery.
  • Improve your performance, both within and outside of sport.

Sleep Coaching

Designed by ex-professional athletes, and based upon the 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators (as seen in SLEEP), our R90 coaching programmes drive recovery centric performance in any individual, team or group in any club, organisation or business.

  • R90 Sleep Assessment

    R90 Sleep Assessment

    A quick start, first step assessment of your current sleep approach, focused on 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators. Out of 3,000 completed questionnaires, only 7.5% of people believed they slept as well as they could. 

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  • R90 Personal Profiler

    R90 Personal Profiler

    Tailored, individual and created for you, according to your lifestyle and needs. You'll be assigned a Coach, who will personally evaluate your responses to questions and provide an in depth report for you to keep.

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  • R90 Elite Consultation

    R90 Elite Consultation

    Our world renowned one to one consultation with our leading Sport Sleep Coaches. For Elite performers by design, both in sport and business, you'll have 30 days of access to our professional team and a unique program structured to suit you.

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  • R90 Team Workshop

    R90 Team Workshop

    The R90 team workshop has been designed specifically to unlock higher & more consistent levels of mental & physical recovery on a larger scale.

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One third of our lives is spent trying to sleep...

Discover how to map your personal sleep cyclefind the optimum room temperature and bedding, and most importantly how napping will change your lifeRead SLEEP to learn from the best in sport, and kickstart a more confident, successful and happier you.

The Book
Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps... and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind Cover