27th March 2020

It’s Time to Redefine Sleep and Think Human Recovery Cycles

In elite sport as coaches we first need to identify the goal, the objective [An event]. The next step is determine if the athlete/player/group are open to being coached, are they coachable and what’s the best approach during the coaching process and period.

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25th March 2020

KB Performance Ep12: Nick Littlehales

We discuss the benefits of sleep and recovery for performance. Why you dont have to join the 5am club to be productive! How to maximize your sleep to maximize your performance. And everything in between.

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24th March 2020

How to Manage Your Chronotype

Your chronotype describes your sleeping characteristic – whether you’re a morning person or evening person. Chronotypes are a genetic trait and are usually easy to spot.

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20th March 2020

New for 2020: R90 Human Recovery Development Toolkit

With sleep influencing everything from mood and resilience, to decision making and focus, understanding our optimum 24/7 approach should be a priority.

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16th March 2020

Healthy Recovery Habits for Athletes

Without knowledge and structure underpinning any sleep-wake routine (SWR), our ability to adapt and maximise recovery is fast becoming a more serious problem than past generations ever faced.

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13th March 2020

10 Steps to Redefined Sleep

Discover the 10 steps to redefined sleep by Nick Littlehales.

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10th March 2020

The Importance of Sleep for Athletes

Athletes and coaches are becoming more aware of the fact that sleep deprivation can hinder athletic performance. When asked about the causes of fatigue and tiredness, they both ranked sleep as the most prominent problem.

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5th March 2020

How to Incorporate the R90 Technique into Your Daily Routine

Anyone can apply the R90 Technique into their routine, it is a very easy process that doesn’t have to be the same for everybody, but the starting point always is – outlining your constant wake time.

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2nd March 2020

Sleep Recovery in Sport

Adopt a sleep best practice approach by using proven, practical & achievable techniques for a more consistent personal best performance, both mentally and physically.

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